Shah Alam visit

I’m going to visit Shah Alam not long enough!!!!I can’t wait.24.4.2010 that’s when! 😀 I’m going to visit the High-5 bread factory and many more places.It is the school trip i’m following.Not family.I’m going with Farah friend.It is going to be soooooooo fun!Yaaay!!!I’ll tell you what happened at Shah Alam next time.Bye! 🙂


I’m starting to like novels!!!

I’m starting to like novels and i don’t know why!!!HEHE.But i like it.I bought a novel of my own last week.And i’f finished it.Next month umi promised me to buy two novels if i get a good number for monthly test.Ok.Bye.

I’m standart four!!!

Hi there!!!I realized that i’m now 10 years old which means i’m standart four!!! 😀 Teeheehee.Atuk busu is coming in just a while.And by the way I forgot to tell you about the real merentas desa.Surely i didn’t win.. 😦 Waawaawaa!!!Ummmm……. 😉 Actually there’s gonna be an exam next month.Ujian bulanan or should i say monthly test.I hope i’ll get a good number.Cause umi will be buying me two novels.Huraaaaah!!!

Merentas Desa!

It was a tiering day last friday.My school had merentas desa.We had to walk sooooooooooooooooo far.I think my leg almost broke!Hahaha… :PI arrived as second in class! 😀 But not second in school… 😦 I was almost like 60 or more in school!!!But i’ll try my best for the real merentas desa this friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😉

Uk trip!!!!

Sorry for not writing in this blog for a long time!!!Can believe it’s already new year and I still haven’t told u about uk!!!Well last december it was so cool at uk!!!But soooooooooooooooo cold to!Almost like staying in a freezer for one day!It was cool meeting abang there and also kak idi. 🙂 Well lazy to tell alot more.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the cool experience.

Chut chuuuuuuuut!!!

Yesterday me and ayah went to ride on a train.It was my first time to ride on a train!It was sooooooooo fun!!!But the train was sooo full with people… 😀 Then we stopped at KL Sentral.Over there we went to MCDonald to eat.Then,we went to ride on a train to go back and the train was even more fuller than the train before!:P hUH!When i went home i felt glad and happy.What an adventure for me!:)

Antara Gapi

Last Saturday, me, Qisti, umi and ayah went to visit our house at Antara Gapi. Because we had just got the key. Me and Qisti quickly picked a room for both of us which we call booked.Hahaha!:D Me and Qisti picked the wild flowers that growed on our land.But it was just a waist! 😦 Cause we throwed them away later.Umi and ayah planed to make a room upstairs because the living room ceiling was sooooooo high! 🙂 Wonderfull…hehe. 😉 After visiting our house we went to visit two people whom bought the same house as ours.Both made an upstairs just like how we planed..ummm.Hehe,what an adventure…bye bye!!!:)